John Brown was an American abolitionist who fought to end slavery in the United States. He first gained National attention during the American Civil War in Bleeding Kansas. There he led small groups of volunteer guerrilla fighters, known as Jayhawkers, who often clashed with pro-slavery groups from Missouri.

So why come to Kansas? Well, Brown learned from his adult sons in the Kansas territory that their families were completely unprepared to face attack and that pro-slavery forces there were militant. Determined to protect his family and oppose the advances of slavery supporters, Brown left for Kansas. Oh hell yes!

Die-cut from durable, high-quality film ready to transfer onto your car, laptop, tablet, and just about anywhere you think needs some MIDWEST love! Display this sticker loud and proud and show your support for KC!

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Size: 3.17" x 4"

Apologies for the watermark. We unfortunately have been forced to protect our artwork due to the negligence of others. Thank you for understanding!

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