Guster x Kinfolk

March 20, 2024

Long post alert! It’s history and what we do best so grab a cinnamon roll and some chili and dig in! Last year (2023), my favorite band in the universe started following us on IG. I screen grabbed the alert and made a t-shirt. I was dead. You see, this band is special to the Lisbona family. I discovered them back in 2000 during a Barenaked Ladies tour we attended with my folks for their birthdays (they share the same one which is wild) and Guster was the opening act. I was hooked. I met my wife shortly after and together we have grown to love these guys and their music evolution. So much so we attend a concert each year somewhere in the US with our kiddos. They now sing along at shows, ask questions about lyrics and we even catch them at home humming tunes while they do whatever kids do. It’s awesome to share this with them. It’s even better that Guster keeps rocking and making music together with their families.

This year they came thru KC to the Madrid. We love the old venues and the smaller crowds. The shows are more personal. I mean, a sold out Red Rocks was also AMAZING and one my family won’t ever forget but these smaller venues have become our jam, especially because we wear glasses now! The show was an “eras” tour complete with wardrobe changes and comedic backstory about the band. We loved it! The guys performed skits, laughed, made mistakes like real people but still managed not to say “Kansas” when talking to the crowd. “Missouri, Missouri, Missouri, we’re in Missouri, don’t say Kansas” was mentioned by Ryan, the lead singer.

Before the show I was able to smuggle a small Kinfolk care package from the Sunflower State into the Guster dressing room. Even though we were in Missouri I wanted them to know that Kansas loves them too! My family joked together about how cool it would be if they actually wore a tee. We didn’t even know their sizes. We were just excited to be there and to hear tracks from the upcoming new album. THEN. IT. HAPPENED! Ryan came out wearing our retro Kansas sunflower and even worked it into the story. I couldn’t move. My wife kept looking at me and I guess I was in shock. I mean, we had our AAPA tee in outer space on the ISS with Kansas astronaut Nick Hague for goodness sake. THAT was “out of this world.” THIS was… even bigger for me personally I must admit. I’m still shook. I’m beyond thankful. Mixing my art with theirs is a dream. A dream now come true! After the intermission bandmate Adam came out sporting John Brown! AGAIN I WAS SHOCKED! Two Kinfolk tees on stage with two Gusters at the same time! Man, what a freaking night! Thank you, Guster. Thank you Brian, Ryan, Adam, Luke, Dave and all the rest. Can’t wait to see you again. Have an awesome tour sharing your creation with the world!

– Kinfolk