Ad Astra Per Aspera

"To the stars through difficulties” – The Kansas motto represents both the struggle and the sacrifice in the pursuit to become the 34th star on the U.S. flag. Kansans have been fighting to protect a free state of mind since 1854, remaining steadfast and dedicated to the future prosperity of the state. And after 7-years of civil war, love prevailed.

Now with more than 600 cities located throughout 105 counties, the sunflower state is filled with amazing spaces and historical places ready to be to explored. From state parks and national landmarks to diverse cultures and authentic experiences, more than 3 million people call Kansas home. And there's no place like it!

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Did you know that Abilene was voted the BEST small town to visit in the U.S. three consecutive years by TravelAwaits? And the Eisenhower Presidential Library & Museum the BEST Kansas attraction by USA Today? And thats just ONE of our amazing cities. Whether you prefer urban amenities or the nicest rural communities, Kansas has it!

With Kinfolk, you will discover so much more than BBQ and sunflowers. (We do however think those are pretty awesome!) Visit our explorer store and leave prepared to uncover parts of the state you didn’t know existed. Our experienced partners and creative resources will help you see Kansas far beyond the yellow brick road.

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