They ain't got NO GUTS!

September 30, 2021


The grand opening event is Saturday, October 2nd in Mullinville, Kansas. We are HONORED to have been asked to create something special to support M.T.’s legacy and we are EXCITED to be a very small part of the visitor experience! Thank you Stacy Barnes, Erika Nelson, and everyone involved for having us on your team!

– Kinfolk

Myron Thomas (M.T.) Liggett was widely known for creating politically charged metal totems and whirligigs. His 70-plus acre roadside property is an important Kansas art site and home to as many as 600 small and large metal totems lampooning politicians; local, state and national officials; international figures; or anyone who caught his critical eye. The pieces are smart, witty, often biting, and many times humorous. It has been said he was an equal opportunity offender. His work includes references to Greek mythology, numerous former wives, friends, politicians, and acquaintances.

Kohler Foundation, Inc. became aware of the site in 2008 while working on the Garden of Eden site in central Kansas. It has been on the radar of the Kansas state tourism people and recognized as an important Kansas art site. We were contacted by a son of M.T. Liggett days after the artist’s death and then later by the trustees of Liggett’s estate who were in charged with caring for the property.

Conservation treatment is taking place over a two-year period by International Artifacts of Houston, Texas. KFI is adding a visitor center that will encourage both locals and travelers alike to learn more about M.T.’s life and creativity. The center will include several custom tools MT designed such as hammers, axes, tables, and fans. Painted sheet metal, shelving, and other items were also salvaged from the original studio.  The visitor center will house a restoration area and workshop to help maintain the nearly 600 large totems and more than 500 small hearts and art pieces.   

The site was gifted to the 5.4.7. Art Center of Greensburg, KS in 2020. Many of the 5.4.7. board members were dear friends of M.T. and are thrilled to see his artwork conserved for future generations.

Myron Thomas (M.T.) Liggett

Portions of this text borrowed from the Kohler Foundation website. See their profile here.