The Gypsum Hills (also known as the Gyp Hills, Red Hills, Medicine Hills, and the Cimarron Breaks) are a region of rolling hills, mesas, canyons and buttes in central Kansas, just north of the Oklahoma border. The area has countless red cedar trees and the ground contains iron oxide (rust). Furthermore, the Red Hills area has interesting geology with sink holes, over 100 caves that have formed in the gypsum, and several collapsed natural bridges.

The most captivating scenery is located off dirt roads on private land out on the open range. If you don’t have permission to leave the paved highways, you can still enjoy the Gypsum Hills Scenic Byway along US Highway 160 between Coldwater and Medicine Lodge, and also south along US Highway 281. A drive along these roads is likely to be rewarded with glimpses of pheasant, deer, raccoons and other wildlife. See you on the road!


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