Travel west from the 913 and in the distance you will see a hill. “The Hill" that sits on the water divide between the Wakarusa and Kansas rivers. It was once called Hogback Ridge by local settlers until 1866 when the name Mount Oread was adopted into legend. It’s perhaps best know for Quantrill’s Raiders sacking of humble Lawrence during the American Civil War.

Presently (and we mean daily) many Kansas University students summit this magnificent 1,037 feet in search of great treasure. No, not Oread Limestone but the vast riches that await the future of their Kansas education. (Once they pay back those pesky loans of course.) Until then, they proudly claim the honor of hiking Mount Oread!


Retail cut / Unisex sizing
4.5 super soft ounces
50% polyester / 25% cotton / 25% rayon